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About Providence World Music


Providence World Music is a community arts organization based in Providence, RI, dedicated to increasing Rhode Island’s exposure to the diversity of traditional art, music, and cultural heritage from Africa and around the world. Our mission is to:

  • Educate, celebrate, promote and preserve cultural traditions

  • Increase awareness of tradition musical genres

  • Increase exposure to traditional instruments 

  • Showcase art, film, and music from contemporary artists

  • Educate young people about the tradition of their cultural heritage


The community is open to all people who are interested in preserving and researching these cultural traditions.


Providence World Music was founded by Chance Boas, who moved to Rhode Island as a refugee from Tanzania. In 2010, as a student at the Community College of Rhode Island, he conceived the concept of building a research center to promote traditions in art and music as diverse as the people of Rhode Island around him




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The World Music festival provides local artists a chance to sell their work directly to the public. Sign up below to be part of the World Bazaars. 



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